Welcome Oddball Motors Ltd

Money for Cars

How your old car can make you money?

If you have an MOT failure, damaged vehicle or simply an end of life (EOL) vehicle and you want to dispose it for money on pick up. 

Oddball Motors Ltd are registered Waste carriers our number is CB/AE5154SA and have disposed of 1000's of scrap vehicles in Oxfordshire and the surrounding area since 1992. Contact our friendly family run business to collect your vehicle at a time and date convienent to you, and we will deal with all the paperwork for you. 

What do need from me?

All we require from you is the key and the V5 document, we will assist you in filling out the V5 to notify the DVLA that you are no longer responable for the vehicle. You will also need to remove all personnal effects from the vehicle prior to it being collected.

No V5 no problem we will need you to either write a permission note including the vehicles details to allow us to remove your vehicle, alternativley our driver can give you a Vehicle surrender form (VSF) which you fill out and send a second copy to the DVLA. This will prevent a fine please ask in advance for this form.

How do I get a quote?

To get a quote all you need to do is to fill out our online form and we will either contact you via email or telephone, either the same or next woking day. All of your personnal details will be destroyed safely and securely after we have contacted you.  Alternatively you can go to how to contact us and ring us directly.

How we help the community.

Oddball Motors Ltd have provided vehicles for the county firestations and ambulance service, to help to provide them the tools for invaluable training for car cutters and car fires, and how best to assist a crash victim.  When the training course is finished we then collect the vehicle and transport it to a registered ATF, for the legal disposal and recycling to take place.